Shia LaBoeuf arrested in Chicago

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  1. By Katrina V. Dayrit

    Actor Shia LaBeouf, 21 years old, was arrested in Chicago early Sunday morning. According to reports, he was charged with misdemeanor trespassing after he refused to leave a Walgreens superstore located along Michigan Avenue. The security guards say they repeatedly requested the young actor to leave the pharmacy and they decided to call the Chicago police department at around 2:25 AM when he ignored their orders. He was taken into custody but was released a few hours later after posting bail. His hearing was scheduled for November 28. LeBeouf starred in “Transformers” and “Disturbia,” two hit movies released this summer.


    The store asked him to leave because they thought he was drunk. He argued that he wasn't leaving because he was not drunk.
  2. He is such a cutie! He has been in more movies than I realized.

    As for the arrest at least he wasn't driving.
  3. The cute ones are always brainless...
  4. Hmmm..
    I am not so surprised with his choice of words to be honest. I feel like its how a typical teenage boy acts. If I had just seen this video on my own I would have thought nothing of it because its how they all are IMHO. I am 22 and it was only a few yrs ago when I had dumb guy friends acting like that and spitting out profanity like that as well :s
  5. ^^ eeeeek.

    maybe its just me and the people i chose to hang around. id never accept my friends calling me a "faggot" or anything derogatory like that. i mean, my mom is a lesbian.
  6. Same feeling here,some names are just degoratory full stop,does'nt matter what age you are when you use them,they are still offensive.
  7. he is annoying, and this just makes him look more dumb :rolleyes:
  8. I always call my friends a "fag", joking of course. Its something Ive used since before I even knew what Gay people were.
  9. I think the point was to be offensive. He wanted to be slapped. It was in very VERY bad taste, but it worked.

    We can't think too hard about the stupid actions of most 20yr old boys, though. I mean, we'd be here all day. lol. I think most get over ridiculous ill advised messing around like this. At least, lets hope:rolleyes:
  10. the video was took down!
    but from how it was described- I'm not surprised, it just seems like typical young guy behaviour to me.
    I personally am not that bothered by the use of the word faggot or fag. :shrugs:
  11. I've seen SO many guy friends do stupid stuff like this when we were younger.

    Not that huge of a deal in my opinion.
  12. What a dumba$$

    he should know better, at least for the sake of his career

    or whatever is left of it after this.
  13. I don't think it is that big of a deal TBH. Just typical young guy behaviour, as kittykittycatcat said. Although what he said was rude it isn't really on par with Amy Winehouse's racist song (in my opinion, I understand that some people may find it a lot more offensive than me).
  14. totally true!:Push: