SHHHHHHHH! We wont tell anyone about your non-Chanel indulgences!!!

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  1. Hermes GP 36

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  2. Dauphine MM

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  3. I have this bag as well and love it to pieces :smile:
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  4. Happy with all my finds from my recent trip to Paris.
  5. I bought a pair of Nike AF1 sneakers to match my baby. :smile:
    Also hubby surprised me by picking out and buying a Pandora charm. :blush:
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  6. image.jpg Just arrived yesterday!! Preloved Lady Dior in grey. The lambskin is so soft and luxurious
  7. Picked up a twilly and also got this H bracelet home yesterday ❤️

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  8. I have something for cord bracelets..

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  9. For the first time in five years I purchased zero Chanel on our annual pilgrimage to Paris :angel: But we picked up some new wrist candy. DH got the DayDate (way to gold and big for me :wtf: ) and I finally decided on the face color I wanted (struggled between black and ruthenium for way too long).
  10. My first Goyard is this Grey Plumet Bag....
    I love it!

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  11. Hi!

    I didn’t know where else to post this and I do want to hear the opinions of Chanel lovers in particular!

    what are your thoughts about these?

    I am looking for a super comfortable sneakers, I love the color combo.. I’m just not sure I’ll love it on the longer run because it’s not cc!!!

    I’m a die hard Chanel fan and only occasional venture elsewhere..

  12. Omg i stilll remember when they released this version. I wanted it so bad but didnt have enough money to buy it then. Congrats on the beauty!!!
  13. If you put them on, and feel like dancing, you should keep them.
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  14. Hello all, I love my Chanel bags, but occasionally I will cheat and buy LV, YSL, Balenciaga. I have had the Lady Dior on my wishlist for years and I finally found a preloved one that was in the right color--a light pink. Awaiting its arrival and hoping it is as beautiful as it appeared in the photos.
    Would love to see what everyone else cheated on Chanel with!