SHHHHHHHH! We wont tell anyone about your non-Chanel indulgences!!!

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  1. :congrats: Ooolala my chic girlfriend ! Loving that bag:heart::hbeat::tup:& i totally see you rocking those gorgeous boots!:girlsigh::drinks:Fab choices:love:
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  2. My new Christian Dior Oblique Shawl/Throw & Hermes Mules
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  3. I’ve been there (the LV world) for a while now...


    Damage in 3 months:

  4. wow that's a stunning collection, and all in 3 months????!!! we are twins on a quite a few pieces

    congratulations and enjoy them they are beautiful.
    I'm still reluctant to part my cash here in Dubai I am beginning to miss Heathrow/London too much
  5. Merci ma belle! Definitely feeling the 70’s French girl chic :hbeat:
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  6. Yes, it happened so fast. I’m banned! Lol

    Both my NeoNoe and Neverfull were from Dubai :smile:

    What are we twins in?
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  7. My new Love diamond cuff..[​IMG]
  8. Took a 3 weeks holiday around the Eastern Europe and then Hong Kong, had to collect SOME souvenirs :biggrin:
    44F298DF-22F7-426F-A475-3EE1336C9497.jpeg 7CFB7A9A-3CD0-4AFB-8FB8-6AC9AB88EA1C.jpeg E7154A17-1E1D-47D1-AD5A-3E0B67EE6D8B.jpeg
  9. I have the Neverful, Pochette Metis, mini Pochette accessories and the key holder,

    I went into Dubai Mall looking for a few pieces - the Christmas illustration collection with the lion on and they had only offered them to VIP clients so I had to order from my SA in the uk - wasn't very impressed with that tbh.
    LV should have an international client database
  10. Wow love all your purchases! So pretty
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  11. Thanks so much! :heart:
  12. These came home with me yesterday. I spotted them in the window of the MB boutique in London. I tried them on and suddenly had a Carrie Bradshaw moment [​IMG]
  13. Fendi flats :heart:
  14. Oh my! These are beautiful!!