SHHHHHHHH! We wont tell anyone about your non-Chanel indulgences!!!

  1. Minal - LOVE all the ruffles!!! :love:
  2. Here is my first toy watch, absolutely love it, so light! :yahoo:
    IMG_0585 (1).jpg
  3. Great choice Kobe, I love the detail on the face.....very pretty and perfect for Spring!
  4. Thanks Leslie! I love your dress as well! You are like Minal, wear everything so beautifully!

    BTW, love your jumbo too, it's so structured, LOVE IT!!! :yahoo:
  5. allbrandspls, lovely necklace!

    kobe, adorable watch!
  6. pls5, congratulations on you new coat! I would love to see modeling pictures ;)

    allbrandspls, such a cute necklace and the jacket is absolutely stunning as well! Congrats!

    kobe939, congratulations! I think the Toy watches are so much fun!
  7. thanks leslie,cari284, and's a shame about your red jumbo, hopefully you can get it cleaned professional.
  8. brand new Herve Leger dress in China Blue. For those whole like HL, it's running a bit bigger this season...and I apologize for the frizzy hair and bra peeking out, >_<
    Photo 272.jpg Photo 273.jpg
  9. thanks all! too shy for modeling i think... but love the shares here. that watch is great. and this hl dress is tdf! great on you! (not like you need it any "bigger" ;)
  10. W, you're silly :p, you always look put together and chic! :love:

    Hi Leslie! Aww, thank you! :love: Haha, if I had your arms, you bet your fine a$$ I would be strutting down the street in all types of sleeveless tanks/dresses. etc.! :p They (my arms) are beyond repair, sadly (and no amount of tricep pressdowns, skull crushers, dips or anything helps them de-flabbify, ugh). :sad:

    karoline - Thank you! :heart:

    kobe - Your Toy watch is so cute... I love it!! Perfect spring/summer watch! Also, you're too sweet, thank you for making me :blush:!

    , that shade of blue is SO pretty and of course, you look smokin' in ANYTHING HL!! :nuts: :love:
  11. Forgot to post this DVF dress I bought the other day (NM exclusive :smile:). I just love the amazingly vibrant shade of teal (the picture isn't the best representation of the color!), the fabrication (cotton but looks like silk) and the simple style that can be both dressed up and dressed down! :smile:
  12. Oooooo that's a super cute dress/- I want one!!!
  13. ^Thank you! :heart: I love DVF! :love:
  14. allbrandspls, oyy..the lambskin is actually torn...I don't think any cleaning or conditioner could fix it..

    pls5, thank you!! It's actually a bit loose in the tummy/chest/torso area. Darn them and their inconsistent sizing!

    Minal, haha, you're too kind dear! And I love that peacock blue! It's so richhhhhhhhhh and lovely on you, ^_^
  15. Panda, ahhh I love love love that HL on you, you look absolutely gorgeous in it :yahoo: Congratulations! I can't wait to see it "in action"!

    Minal, that teal blue dress looks great on you! That will be a gorgeous summer dress :biggrin: