SHHHHHHHH! We wont tell anyone about your non-Chanel indulgences!!!

  1. For me , I'll exchange with something else to o :smile:
  2. I think he mentioned 3-days. =)

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  3. thks dear!
  4. Got 2-pairs of shoes from SF as surprised gift. Happy..!! Happy..!!
    image-2255754832.jpg image-1346145223.jpg
  5. I have more to post, but here is what I have pics of!

    Yumi Kim dress and top (sale)


    Prada bow wedges (Nordies sale)

    Got these Valentino beige platform bow peeptoes a while back... wore em to the ballet last wknd

    Just threw this on (not how I'd wear it), but LOVE the dress... Elizabeth&James... need to get it altered (I intended to wear it to the ballet, but couldn't cuz there was no time to alter it)


    Parker sequined mini... felt ****ty yesterday sooo... wore sequins, haha. Had to do flats, cuz I walked a lot (and dressed it down), but next time I wear it, it's heels all the way!


    Anthro button down (strawberries)!! :smile:

    Have these Thora flip flops in lots of colors... so comfy!

    Found this clic clac (light pink) in brand new like condition at my fave consignment shop!

    CL nude patent 140 Altadamas (amazing consignment find in virtually brand new condition)!!

    Valentino Mena wedges in light brown (NM sale)
  6. Loooove so much!! :girlsigh:

    What fabulous additions!!! :heart:

    This is adorable!! :love:

    Absolutely gorgeous! :love: SO sparkly! :nuts:

    Great find... very unique! :smile:

    So nice!! :heart:

    H orange is :girlsigh:

    Very nice! :smile:

    Wow, what a find... congrats!! :flowers:

    They're cute! :smile:

    Nice!! :smile:

    I love Nuage... such a pretty color!! :love:

    They're very pretty! :smile:

    Haha, the temptation is so bad :p... love the color! :heart:

    They are cute! :smile:


    I always subscribe to the "if you don't love it, don't keep it" philosophy... so based on your uncertainty, I'd keep looking! :flowers:

    Surprise gifts are the best, wow... they're so nice!! Congrats! :smile:
  7. OMG! Your Parker Mini skirt is tdf!
  8. Hi ash, may I ask you which store you got this at in sf? And how much?
    Thanks in advance
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    My first pair and bought it at a sales price from Usual price Euro713.

    Bought to match with the dress from dolce and gabbana (shown in pic) :smile: Going to wear the in my cousin's wedding day.
    image-835827050.jpg image-2742261640.jpg image-524248877.jpg image-3059534764.jpg
  10. My first vca purchase. The white mother of pearl butterfly pendant with yellow gold from Lucky Alhambra collection.
    DSC07817.JPG DSC07819.JPG
  11. Stunning pendant....I love butterflies ;)
  12. Thank you so much.
  13. :smile:Got this Marc Jacobs crossbody on sale.. I've used it once so far, great for a night out or even to the shops.. Just fits my iphone, lipgloss, cards and small items.

    Gucci sneakers for my 2 year old daughter.. I love them =)
  14. IMG_2251.JPG

  15. Congrats!, VCA is even more addictive than Chanel!