SHHHHHHHH! We wont tell anyone about your non-Chanel indulgences!!!

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  1. We all know that we love Chanel, but there are times when we stray from good, ol' Chanel. Please post images and descriptions of your fabulous non-Chanel purchases here!

    note: continuance of this thread
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  2. Thanks for starting this thread again, Panda!
    I just posted these photos in the "Chanels in Action" thread.....I just got this dress for my DD yesterday and I thought I would try it on for a Brunch my DH and I had to go to today.....
    It is a Karen Kane dress, really inexpensive (around $ 117.00) and the best thing is that you can roll it up in a ball and it looks just fine! Perfect for traveling!


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  3. L, the dress looks fab on you with your vintage flap and Louboutins!! Holllaaaa!! I have a weak spot for ruffles, :P
  4. Beautiful~!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. Leslie, you look fabulous!! :nuts: I absolutely adore ruffles... just bought a bunch of ruffly pieces. :smile: I love the fab CLs and vintage flap too! :love:
  7. Thanks Panda, hopeful_27, babevivtan, and Minal!
    Minal, I love that peachy ruffled trench you got from Anthro!
    I usually do not wear ruffle-y things, but it was fun to raid DD's closet.....usually it is the other way around!
  8. fab dress!
  9. Thanks Ilovebrad!
    C'mon, everybody had better get out and go shopping, I am pretty lonely being the only one on here so far!
    Panda, when are you getting your new HL dress? Should be soon, right?
  10. You look ffffffffaaaahhhhhhbulous!
  11. Leslie, you're one super stylish mom... I hope I can raid my DDs closet one day (and fit into her clothes)! :nuts: I've always had a thing for ruffles haha... you'll see what I mean in a minute! :P
  12. More makeup! :P Mac needs to stop putting out pretty (and LE!) collections!! :sweatdrop:

    A few things from Anthro (still have a few more pieces, but I'll post them whenever I take pics). :smile:

    Falling Ruffles cardi!

    Tutu tank (hate my arms, but LOVE this and too many other tanks haha, so I'd wear this with a cardi/jacket/sweatercoat/anything)!

    Present Paper cardi (sooo soft... like a blanket)!
  13. pretty!

  14. Minal, :: passes out:: gorgeous haul! Ruffles galore! :: rolls around in a sea of ruffles::
  15. Everyone's purchases are so lovely! Right now I'm saving up for a PC and tomorrow I'm buying a new Xbox 360 because my Xbox broke-the second time. I need my gaming because the friends I have on there are some of the only friends I have left... Maybe I can post pics of my Xbox and PC? :lolots: