Shhhh!!!! We won't tell Mr. Vuitton about your non-Louis purchases ! ;)

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  1. What color is this? It's beautiful -- enjoy!
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  2. It is taupe although it looks sorta grey in the photo. Thank you!
  3. Picked these out before all of the craziness began Adjustments.JPG IMG_4401.JPG
    So Black Chanel Reissue 226 and Cartier Love Cuff
    Also including my new My upgraded ring to celebrate 10 years of being married this year! Adjustments.JPG
  4. Rika starbag pre-loved :flowers:
  5. Annelise Michelsen bracelet from 24 Séveres Paris and a chakra Solar Plexus necklace from Pilgrim :love:

  6. All gorgeous Venessa :smile:. You already know how much I love your gorgeous HG Reissue. Glad to finally (lol) see your Cartier goodie. I am very fascinated by the Love bracelet/cuff and the whole romantic meaning. And finally, Happy 10th Anniversary—what a beautiful upgrade for your ring. Enjoy :smile:
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  7. Gorgeous leather, gorgeous color, gorgeous style...I adore exquisite neutral bags and this is one of them!
  8. I needed a bag for my LV large silk scarf .... PS1 medium in Chianti

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  9. You both are always so sweet and thank you very much!!

    @lamminda, the bracelet or cuff are definitely worth checking out. I went in thinking I wanted the bracelet and the SA convinced me it would not work for my active lifestyle. The cuff still has the classic look but can be taken on and off daily.
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  10. I have cheated on LV alot. I kind of got into a black bag kick over the past few months. These are purchases starting with January which is my Maison Margiela glam slam bag that after going to not one, not two but finally a third boutique I was able to buy it. Second and third pic is my YSL reversible tote which I was happy to finally have found one in perfect condition on Annes Fab Finds since cant buy it new anymore(also in pic is purse organizer I ordered for it). The fourth photo is my Elleme puffer Raisin bag, just found out about this brand and am very happy with it, the bag was made in Italy and it very good quality. Third is the Phillip Lim medium Pashli bag which I have always wanted but was too nervous about how heavy it can get. I do find it gets heavy if I really fill it up but I figure at least if someone tried to rob me I can knock them out with it.

    20200327_134924.jpg 20200327_135104.jpg 20200327_140253.jpg 20200327_135327.jpg 20200327_135216.jpg
  11. I love your Margiela bag!
  12. Hoping all of this is over soon so I can wear these

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