Shhhh!!!! We won't tell Mr. Vuitton about your non-Louis purchases ! ;)

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  1. Really nice, love the color very much!
    And happy late birthday! :smile:
  2. Really nice, love the color very much!
    And happy late birthday! :smile:
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  3. I tried this bag on when I was in Paris last month and ended up not purchasing it. I have regretted not pulling the trigger everyday since I've been back from my trip. I saw one on FashionPhile in brand new condition and knew I couldn't pass it up!!! I was so excited that I actually drove an hour to the FashionPhile headquarters yesterday to pick it up. Thank you for letting me share :biggrin:

  4. soo cute!
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  5. E8B93F52-9152-4437-8B81-BE332F0C7500.jpeg I’m officially joining the Ban Island because of these two & SO Kelly which is still in production
  6. Something to beat my insomnia
    An indoor smart trainer ... WAHOO:lol:
    Only need one more bike to round off the collection:nuts: 33F671F3-6254-46EA-B5BF-CB9E7A3B1E88.jpeg
  7. oh la la I’m debating on getting a scarf from Dior since I don’t have any yet. Debating between a 100% silk or the 70% wool and 30% one from their new collection. I’ve also posted my question on the Dior forum but waiting to hear on it yet.

    do you have any intel on the durability on dior scarves??
  8. I couldn't resist this mini. So adorable, and yet so functional! :heart: PhotoGrid_1583104710457.jpg
  9. So cute!:heart:
    Will you be using this only as a vanity case or as a bag also?
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  10. I’ve been using it as a bag with the chain strap! And getting compliments from my colleagues:biggrin:
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  11. No. I didn't purchase this Moschino beaded leather clutch for $1800+. But it's super cute. It's so out there I wanted to scream and share. Have fun looking at these pics!!!

    But I seriously wouldn't mind a coin purse or small pouch with a funky cereal design. I'd totally buy it!
    f79edf57-a239-4813-be6b-e4e41d92a028.jpeg b6fc2c84-2685-48ce-beab-c244ad8c8a47.jpeg 75e0eef1-2096-48dd-9fdf-85a14c5f7eeb.jpeg 6fd72703-bc87-4f10-a24c-fc28a7944f41.jpeg
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    Celine Small Cabas Phantom

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  13. It’s caught my attention but the issue for me, is the exact reason I’ve fallen... “The Size”

    Honestly, your opinion... is it a good size? What do you use it for and put in it etc??? If you don’t mind me asking???
  14. I don't know the size, just came across this bag and decided to share photos. It's so funky. Probably will fit a phone and small compact wallet. Fun for a young girl.
  15. I have this bag reserved until tonight. I'm just not sure it's genuine, 'cause I've never seen it in this size...
    Fell in love with this Gucci Marmont in the large size
    I also opened a thread in the Gucci forum asking for help. No answers so far :crybaby:
    Not even Gucci CS could help...
    Maybe somebody here can help a fellow addict out? I don't want to end up buying a fake.