Shhhh!!!! We won't tell Mr. Vuitton about your non-Louis purchases ! ;)

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  1. These are gorgeous!
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  2. I feel like I’m having an equal love affair with other brands and LV this month so LV can’t be too mad. Picked up some items from Dior (Lady Dior in Matte Grey which I’m now obsessed with, espadrilles, Dioraddict, and Diorama WOC)


    Also loving this Fendi StrapYou in python

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  3. I understand your love affair with Dior - these are really gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy them! :smile:
  4. Another beautiful haul — I especially :heart: that gorgeous grey L.D. :smile:. Enjoy :smile:
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  5. For the first time in 10 years, I bought a non-Apple phone. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip sold me on its ability to fit into my mini structured bags. Oh and it can double as a compact! :graucho:

    IMG_0283.jpeg IMG_0284.jpeg IMG_0286.jpeg
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  7. Heathrow airport duty free buy:smile: Cartier Santos watch Screenshot_20200220-205550_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20200220-210437_Gallery.jpg
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  8. Nice!!! On Christmas eve I upgraded from my galaxy s8 to the galaxy s10! Hope you enjoy the Z Flip!
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  9. Thank you! Already loving the Flip! Enjoy your s10! :smile:
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  10. Thank you!
  11. Thank you lady!
    I haven’t seen this one yet. Very cool!
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  12. Not the best shot, but I picked up a few things from Chanel, and a scarf from Dior today!
  13. LOVE your haul! Gorgeous pieces.
  14. Thank you!! I love all of them too
  15. 467D7619-6947-4FD4-ACD5-72393FAD7816.jpeg
    A tiny cheat: I ordered Chanel’s Boy Lip Balm. A pretty nice and unnecessary product! :heart::lol:
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