Shhhh!!!! We won't tell Mr. Vuitton about your non-Louis purchases ! ;)

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  1. I still love my LVs but really feeling Dior lately and we’re die hard Yankee fans in this house so couldn’t resist these Guccis 01268341-3B8E-4870-B4F1-A8A7D32D9A4C.jpeg
    And can’t forget about my love for Valentino with this hot belt bag D5E99E60-38FE-4F70-B408-250D6DCBCB50.jpeg
  2. The color is fabulous...enjoy! :heart:
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  3. Thank you!
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  4. This Dior bag is really lovely.
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  5. Love them all but I particularly love the strawberry slides! (I’ve always been bummed Gucci slides don’t fit me). Congrats!
  6. F7E35424-E016-4B3C-A312-19D987E9B4A5.jpeg F3EE5B4D-FF14-4E7C-8712-1EA431A1D7E6.jpeg Purchased to conceal a NF MM and keep the bag and items clean and secure in transit - a Rebecca Minkoff Washed Nylon Tote. I will now have a second tote with me on an international trip and if there’s any truth to Customs agents being more likely to select designer bag carriers more frequently for spot checks, this will prevent that.

    Nothing fancy but very serviceable.
  7. 8DB14F88-B61F-4C30-A6A3-846465B0DF88.jpeg
    I purchased a Coach Cassie for an upcoming trip to Japan. This is a hybrid of a legacy Coach Court bag and a LV Pochette Metis at a much lower price point and hopefully without the glazing issues that have plagued the PM.

    I suspect it will be gifted to my daughter after our trip; it’s a bit too small to be in my normal rotation (I prefer the Speedy B 25 or NeoNoe capacity) but is a good basic, under the radar crossbody.
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  8. Already posted this in the Goyard forum, but wanted to share here. I've always stayed away from the NF because I prefer zippered totes but this color was just calling my name. Now that she's been in the rotation the past two weeks I love her more and more. A nice departure from my LV neutrals, this just makes me smile! :flowers:

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  9. I really like the look of this bag. No wonder it’s been a hit for Coach. :heart:
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  10. Just came in today - my Birkin 35 Gold Togo with GHW, a graduation gift from my family. Words cannot express how much I am in love with this bag. (Starring my Neverfull GM DE work bag, as I'm in the office right now!)

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  11. Generous family!
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  12. I genuinely cried when I opened it. My mother found it on The RealReal and my grandparents and my mother all chipped in. I'm so scared to even use it, I want to keep it forever!
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  13. This happened... but DD1 said Capucines BB is still the most beautiful!

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  14. I cheated on Louis Vuitton this afternoon with two gorgeous hats from Goorin Bros., which I picked up from the Chicago Wicker Park boutique. :loveeyes: Made in the USA!
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  15. When I stopped buying bags around a decade ago, Chloe Paddington was a big hit but I never really owned one.

    Recently, I came across a Chloe Paddington in Tan with a good deal that's too hard to pass!

    In a month, I managed to snag 2 Chloe's!

    Not to mention a Balenciaga Triple S too. ^_^

    No LV's for me this month though...

    Still lusting over that Louis Vuitton MC Alma in Noir...
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