Shhhh, need to sneak these in (3 reveals)

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  1. Just kidding, I am letting 4 of my bags go so I'll not need to sneak these in - just hide the receipt, lol.

    I've had my eye on 1 or 2 bags from the new Collection and as my OH and eldest DS were off skiing I decided to take my wee DS for a shopping trip to Edinburgh.

    Do you have any idea what I bought?

    Any guesses?:graucho:

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  2. Oh how fabulous!! THREE reveals! Tiree you are so great!!

    C'mon show us!
  3. Omg - 3?
  4. let me guess....

    Hayden shoulder...

    .....a pouch in leaopard pink?

    and a keyring of some sort??
  5. Absolutely no idea, but cannot wait. You are spoiling us!
  6. Brillant 3 new bags. Well done Tiree.
  7. Ooooh live reveal:biggrin:

    Don't take to long- DH due home shortly :nuts:

  8. To quote the Ferrero Roche add 'You are spoiling us!'

    But guesses . . . . . hmmmmmmm - I'm thinking a purse, bag and pouch perhaps? :smile:

  9. ooo close. The 3rd one was a freebie :nuts:
  10. another teaser

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  11. ooh Two bags???

    Hayden shoulder and .......hayden tote??
  12. I see a hint of pink strap??? and is there a Hayden lurking in the other bag???
  13. Ooh - both sizeable packages! One looks a little Ledbury-esque . . . . but I could be totally off on a tangent there, usually am! :P
  14. Come ON Tiree!!!
  15. and I used my shareholders discount :happydance:
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