Shhhh... don't tell my mom...! B'DAY Reveal!!!

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  1. Who's up for a REVEAL?
    But don't tell my mom! Despite me earning my own money she still disapproves of me buying LV...I insist that I only get one LV per year and she's borderline okay with that but if she were to know I've been this bad....
    Uggh can't imagine the consequences..!:wtf:

    But anyway, without further REVEAL!!!

  2. I'm here ...:couch:
  3. Let's see!!!
  4. :popcorn:
  5. Open!!!!
  6. :dothewave: oo... live one~
  7. I want to see
  8. Ready:couch:
  9. I'm here!
  10. here :couch:
  11. I went to the with my bestie on my bday to the new LV at Garden's KL, Malaysia and they had this trunk exhibition. It was fun!!!There was these old LV trunks 100 years +++ that have been around the world...and these pictures of LV escapades and some of their older ads..So beautiful...It made me in LVoe with LV more than ever!

    Anyway Brown Beautiful Boxes!!! (BBB!:yahoo:)
    Actually I went on two separate occasions but they didn't have any of the purses that I had wanted...but it was my bday and I had to get atleast something small to pamper myself. So I got my very first LV Fashion Jewelry!

    The Little Brown Box...:graucho:

    They are called Heart Inclusion Translucide Earrings in Rouge Fauviste .... At first I thought they were Amarante....but when I looked it up the receipt and website it both said Rouge Fauviste...:P

    An upclose picture....So dainty and cute! I'm in LVoe!!!

    Still more to come!
  12. Happy Birthday!!
  13. Alright I'm gonna TAKE IT ALL OFF for this ENTRY!!!!!!!:graucho:
    Because I really have to get to work Its Monday morning here already..uggh... I hate the Monday blues!

    Due to the LV shortage....These staple babies have been hard to find!!!
    I think I've been looking for this lovely purse for like atleast 4 months!
    I think SAs must have been sick of me asking them whether they have these purses yet....***mentioning every purses' name off her checklist***
    So when I went window browsing yesterday on a lazy Sunday afternoon...mind ya...:P
    They finally had this in! I had to get it!

    Peekaboo!!! What am I????

    I lied abt revealing it all!
    Hehe....till next post!
  14. Eva or Milla?
  15. eva!?