Shhhh....Don't tell..but I like the gauffre

  1. Shhhh...don't tell the gals over in LV...but I tried on a Prada Gauffre yesterday at NM and OMG...this bag is freaking awesome!!!!!!! I tried on an all leather smaller one...and then one of the bowling bag styles.
    WOWEE.....just stunning!! And such soft smooshy leather:drool:
    I need to expand my horizons a little more and get out of the 'only LV' syndrome!
  2. Twiggers, welcome to the DARKER side! Gauffre is insanely goegeous, isn't it?? Soooo, did you buy one yet? :smile:
  3. Twiggers, your secret's safe with me. I've got a gauffre too...

    Which color are ya gonna get?
  4. I'm going to telll!!!! haha j/k, that bag is growing on me too :smile:
  5. I haven't bought one yet...but god it's gorgeous! If I do go for one, I'll probably go for black...since I STILL don't have a single black bag!!! LOL
    The problem is LV is still my #1 obsession and there is soooooooo much coming out this fall!
    Do these ever go on sale?
  6. Twiggers, that is soooo funny! I didn't have a single black bag either -- for YEARS! Couldn't find a great everyday black bag that I loved until I found the Gauffre e/w nappa satchel. LOVE it to bits!!!
  7. I got my black east/west on sale at NM last season.
  8. BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ROFL!!! JOKIN! Its OK..noone is immune to the beauty of the Gauffre!!HEEHEE!!!!..I can attest to that with my own gauffre obsession!

    HURRY UP AND GET ONE GIRLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!lmao!
  9. Caught you again....return to LV this instant!!!

    I know what you mean...their totally yummy....:drool:
  10. ooooo, I'm TELLIN' on you!

    :roflmfao: lol but seriously gauffres are gorgeous!
  11. I've sneaked over from LV too....
    Only problem is that it can be waaaaayyy more expensive over here!!