SHHH i saw the lookbook EVERY page!!!

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  1. today i went to LV and got the Utah wallet... well i got a good loook(me sitting and fliping through) the lookbook up until next spring or summeri forget but everything coming out is beautiful so everyone lock your wallet until new releases lol there are many nice mens things coming! and beautiful womens bags and the suhali zippy wallet is TDF!!! ill take one of every color thanks! lol i should wait list does anyone know its open?
  2. Um... anything in particular that you might want to add more info, perhapes?
  3. I wish there were some better, more practical Damier messengers coming out...
  4. I love looking through the book. The last time I did it, people were wondering who I was. LOL

    Fall has some pretty cool things coming out.
  5. Dang... I need to go to LV soon. I hope the stuff coming out for men is HOT!!! I'm in need of a new wallet... :p
  6. Bequia pocket organizers in brown/white.
    Damier Geant cles, zippy and billfold.

    Oh man, my wallet is taking a hit!
  7. id have to say men have a GREAT ew release schedule esp the perfo wallets and geant ahhh!
  8. I saw the look book last week.
    They're going to have some AMAZING THINGS.
    I can't wait for the full on Aligator Lockit, and the red Mini Lin speedy.
  9. yeah the exotics were amazing! ive neever been this excited for future LVs
  10. that's good to i can convince my husband to go to LV stores with me...