Shhh!! Don't tell my EB RH CITY but.....

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  1. I discovered another georgeous blue? I'm not sure if thats the true color in the pic (you can never tell) and I haven't seen it irl but if its anything like the 1st pic man that is a nice blue.

    The brand is Treesje and the style is Asher. There is also a yellow that rivals the buton d'or but not as neon so it could be another yellow alt. for those who think the buton d'or is too bright. The more I look at this yellow the more I seem to like it looks much softer than bal's but I'm not really a yellow person anyhow so we will see I think seeing it irl will really make the deal.

    The last two pics are from you can buy the purse there. I love how like the bal it comes with a strap and the price is a steal for $585!!! But....although its a beautiful electric blue I can never turn my back on you EB so you can rest assured!!!! But I will always appreciate other beautiful colored bags :P

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  2. Interesting colours, I think EB is prettier, but they're nicely hued in the pics.
    (if ordering from lunaboston, use grechen for 20% off;))

    I don't like the pleating, they look weird.:s

    I wonder if some one from Bal is on the "colour forecasting" group---or if they just do their own thing? time for me to play w/ the search.
  3. I promise, I´ll keep quiet,LOL

  4. Hmmm, very interesting. I will go and check these out and thanks!
  5. interesting! I think I might like them!
  6. I like Treesje bags when I see them but they're so much heavier than bbags. I really appreciate the light weight of bbags.
  7. oooo i love the colors!