Shhh, don't tell hubby, but I went shopping!


Dec 28, 2007
I had a few bags that I got on impulse and have never used and know I will never use them. In fact, I never posted about them because I just didn't love them. So, I decided to return them and made up my mind to just have the money credited back to my credit card. Well, once I got to the store, I decided I just couldn't do that. So, what did I get? Well, since I love my magenta Sabrina so much, I decided to get her in black, along with the matching mini skinny and berry wristlet because it matches the inside lining of the bag so well.



I also realized that I didn't have a brown bag, so I took the plunge and got the Zoe (and of course the matching wristlet!).


All in all, I only had to pay $18. Now these are bags that I know I am going to get alot of use out of.

Finally, here's a picture of my very old dog, Clyde. He always has to come around and smell anything new that comes into the house.



Sep 3, 2008
dear god, I cannot resist that purple lining. What a huge splash of color against the Black! GORGEOUS!! I love your Zoe too, absolutely beautiful.

I just love love love the new accessories! I'm so happy they made the skinny bigger, I hated the old ones. And I just LOVE the new wristlets. Especially the Zoe wristlet. I love how we can remove the strap and wear it either as a small purse or a wristlet. Fab!