Shhh.....don't tell a soul....

  1. Because I haven't even admitted it to myself yet....I bought the Lockit Horizontal today:yahoo: !! I am not going to allow myself to have it until X-mas, but I promised myself when I saw one would be mine:graucho: :graucho: . Well...lo and behold...I found one at Milan Station today...that was brand new!! So technically:supacool: , since it was at the second-hand store....I HAD to buy it!! I will tell DH closer to X-mas,when he is trying to figure out what to get for is the perfect bag for everyday!
  2. lips are sealed.....
  3. Ooooh I love Milan station !! Congrats.. and wow, that was fast !
  4. Congrats .. it is a great bag:yahoo:
  5. Congrats! I'll keep quiet, heheh...;)
  6. congrats =X
  7. Gongrats, love it! Post pics please!
  8. Congrats! Great bag!! Now you just have to wait to x-mas, that must be hard lol :P
  9. Congratulations! What a lovely bag u've gotten urself...and we'll be quiet about it...yippeee:sneaky:
  10. Congrats to you and enjoy... :flowers:
    Question> What is Milan Station?
  11. Second hand handbag store here in HK...and quite possibly it will be the undoing of me:graucho:
  12. Congrats!! Lord you must be a strong person, I couldn't keep it locked up till christmas :lol:
  13. Yeah! Congrats!:yahoo:
    If we promise not to squeal, can you show us? Pretty please!
  14. Congrats!!!!

    Wow, you have self control. I'm already wearing my early Christmas present.
  15. you're secret's safe with me :graucho:

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