Shh!.....are we in a secret society?

  1. Since I became a member of tPF....any free time that I have, I find myself logging into this wonderful Louis Vuitton forum:love: I look forward to see what new bags that other tPFers have just acquired. I especially enjoy learning something new that other tPFers have to offer. Oh, did I mention the kind of support & networking you can get from this forum? I mean- Hey, where else would you find people with the same intelligence and also share the same LVoe for Louie BUT in this forum? With that being said...let me ask you Tpfers this:

    ~Do you find yourself missing this forum while you're at work or school?
    ~Do you share with your colleagues, friends or family that you're a member of this elite LV purse forum?
    ~What were their reactions?:push:,:flowers:, :drool: or :nuts:

    I definitely share with my colleagues that I'm a member of tPF:girlsigh: and believe me...I got all kind of reactions;). Oh yea, I also told them that in order to be a must be shallow & totally obsess with high end bags! LOL.:lol:...JK

    Share your thought everyone!
  2. omg, I definitely miss logging on. I feel like I'm missing out on new things if I don't log on. It's very addictive
  3. i pretty much tell everyone i know about TPf , im obsessed!!
  4. I love it here. I've been looking for a place like this all my life.

    Now that I have a blackberry, I NEVER have to be away from here!!

    Ok...I know that's a little
  5. I have really missed it lately. I have been so busy with work. I tell some people others I hide it from as they just do not understand my obsession. Great thread btw :smile:
  6. ^Same here. :yes:
    I'm selective about who I tell.
  7. I don't tell anyone...I think they would think I was a nut case. LOL I'm on a computer at work, so I try to sneak and look at it. I'm kinda obsessed...I think the only one that actually sees me on it, is my 13 yr old daughter. I would never let my husband know, he would think I had serious issues...haha
  8. this is one of my fave places
  9. I love it here and I usually log on every day. However, I try not to tell too many people, as they think I am crazy already buying the purses I do.
  10. 1. yes, i definitely miss the forum, while im away. I typically try my best to log in every day, Mostly at night. And now with my overflowing homework, i will miss it even more.
    2. I tend to be open that im on tPF. some people think im crazy. OTHERS HAVE JOINED
    3. They asked me if i really just thought about bags 24/7. i replied with a smile and a nod. They rolled their eyes and said under their breathe, "you're crazy"
  11. OMG Nurse, you must've read my mind! I really love this forum and I DO think about it when I can't log on. I didn't read it for 2days and I was kind of bothered. I have the LG Voyager phone so I can log on that way if I'm not near a computer. I really enjoy reading of new items, learning new things before the SA's know, seeing peoples collections, and just getting to chat with some really nice people! I've told my coworkers about this site and they get this look on their face like, "That's Ann" and they smile and think I'm nuts. My husband has told me I'm nuts about this forum. He usually finds me in bed with our laptop, logged on to TPF before bed. So yes, everyone thinks I'm nuts. This is the only place I can indulge in my obsession with likeminded people who are as "shallow" as me! lol

  12. ditto!!!!!! When I'm at work I'll check if I can get away with it. But if there's the slightest chance any one could see, I'd rather not have someone seeing me cruise the LV forum b/c I get enough grief about my purses....:push:
  13. ~Thanx for sharing all of your thoughts-AMAZINGLY, I can totally understand each one of you:graucho:. Oohh, the long hours at work, kids and DH...when will I have time to ck. out tPF?? Honey...just a few minutes OK-:sneaky:*sneaking into the room quietly to ck. tPF*LOL. Keep it coming, LADIES and GENTS:flowers:~
  14. They make it sound like thinking about bags 24/7 is a bad thing!? :shrugs::rolleyes:
  15. I've been checking this forum everyday now in between studying and work. I love how all the latest news about whats coming out is available here even before local SA's know. And I love being able to see pictures of everyone's bags in action, since on the LV website and Eluxury, you only have the ability to see the default pictures. And everyone has been so nice in answering questions and helping each other out.