She's within my grasp!

  1. So I've been harassing the outlets near me (both are 3hrs away) trying to find a whiskey Ali. Been stalking eBay but most are like $299+ (buy it now) or they don't have whiskey.

    So I see someone selling one (she's also got the french purse I think it's called...I'm going to bid on it if I don't score the legac wristlet) and she's got a reserve price. I ask what it is and she tells me ($250) so I asked if she'd sell it outright and she said yes! So I'm waiting on an "invoice" from her what it'll be with shipping and everything. I'm SO excited!!!!!

    I feel a little bad but DH was like "if we can afford it buy it!" (Besides he's getting a new bow soon lol). I never spend money on myself so my buyer's remorse can take a flying leap lol.
  2. Yay! I'm starting to really like the Ali...
  3. Congrats!!! That's a great price for Ali on eBay - yeah!!!
  4. Congrats! The Ali is a great bag, you will love her. Don't forget to post pics when she arrives!
  5. You go girl!!! Congratulations on your Ali. You will absolutely love her! The whiskey is beautiful.:yahoo:
  6. this is my first time posting in coach....and i was just at the outlet near me and they had this bag but in a really light color(not sure the name) and i wanted it in this color and they dont have it :sad: so they put my name on the waiting list....the women said if they get one in they would call me!
  7. Very awesome!! Congratulations!!! You will love your Ali!!!
  8. Congrats! Very lucky find indeed!
  9. Thanks ladies!

    Yep I'm on the waiting list too but you'll probably have better luck stalking eBay.
  10. Yay I am so happy for you!!! Congrats
  11. congrats, that is a great buy!!! :tup:
  12. Welcome to Coach!! Everyone is so nice and helpful here. I hope you will get your bag!!;)
  13. btw.. post the auction! :yes:
  14. thanks!!!
  15. ive never really used ebay to buy bags.....any pointers?!!!!