She's too pretty, I'm afraid to even touch her!

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  1. So my new to me Kelly from 1998 arrived from Japan today. When the store said she is in good condition, they meant she is in fantastic condition. Besides a minor scratch or two, she looks like she is brand new! Just fabulous for a 21 year old bag.

    So I opened her up, touch her and then I realised I will not be able to use her freely like I use my Clemence, Ardennes and Courchevel leather bags. This bag is so fragile and dainty looking, I fear I would break or scratch her.

    How do you girls with box sellier Kelly managed? She's so hard to get in and out, I had to pry her opened a bit or no way I can get anything in. Will she break, soften a bit or this is it?

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  2. I'm a big fan of box leather & many of my vintage bags are box leather as I personally love the patina that
    box calf has over time.
    Enjoy your bag & use her.. she needs a fresh breaking in!!
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  3. Congrats! I also bought a box kelly from a Japanese vintage seller not too long ago. It too was in pristine condition, except for a couple small scratches. Use her and enjoy her! It will soften up a bit as you use her more often. I think box leather can also benefit from being conditioned regularly.
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  4. Oh don’t be afraid- she’s more durable than you think. Mine is 60 and looks great. You enjoy her and keep her looking fit, you won’t be let down.❤️
  5. Congrats on your Kelly! Looove Sellier. Mine is 11 years old and still takes my breath away every time I take her out of her dust bag to use :coolio: It really is not a problem getting in and out of it - I don’t strap her up, just close with the turn lock so it’s no problem getting in and out. Enjoy her in the best of health!
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  6. She's made it this far and still looks amazing, so please use and enjoy her! Congratulations!
  7. Thank you all. I'll take her out for a spin tomorrow night and see how it goes.
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  8. scratches are inevitable, just enjoy it because it is so so stunning and deserves to be used!!
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  9. Definitely use her, asap :yahoo: So beautiful! I also have a 22 year old box kelly. I use as often as possible. Box leather is one of the most restorable, so H can fix it if a problem happens. Sounds like your new bag spent so many years in the box....time for some fun and activities. :biggrin::smile:
  10. Box is much is stronger than you think. It will go on strong for years and patina with many good memories. Congrats!
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  11. Congratulations, she is an absolute beauty! I hope you carry her often!
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  12. Stunning bag! Enjoy her in good health :smile:
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  13. Absolutely stunning Kelly, love box! These bags are made to be loved and carried. Iconic heritage leather that is classic and never goes out of style. No need to be afraid, just start using and enjoying this bag :smile:
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  14. I think you were right about her being in the box.. she's like one of those new stiff shiny shors that hurt your feet that need to be broken in
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  15. I definitely will try. I am excited to see how she will transform with a little breaking in
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