She's such a mess, but I love these jeans...

  1. anyone know who makes them?

  2. That is so funny, because I had the exact same train of thought myself: Good god, she's a wreck, but I totally love those jeans!!!
  3. oo I can't help you, but i love them as well
  4. Come on, we have to have some jean experts on here?!:smile:
  5. They look like 7's for all mand kind. The dojo wide cute jeans in the carribean blue color..... they have a white 7ish looking design on the back, they are 186.00

    Try Nordstroms
  6. I found these sfam ...

  7. I'd probably get the Dojo's in the Caribbean wash as an alternative, I know how they fit my body and like them, so it'd be easier for me.
  8. Kinda looks like this, True Religion Bella ( note there are slash pockets)
  9. I don't think they are sevens, they look like a specialty pair of joe's to me.
  10. i don't know about the jeans but i don't think she's a real mess.

    she looks like regular aka normal people going out.
  11. I kinda meant her whole life is a mess...but I think she could fix herself up a little bit before going out. "Normal" people aren't going to have the papparazzi outside waiting to take their picture...
  12. I like those too! They look like the True Religion quite a bit. I have never really been a jean person and don't do the expensive ones, but once I get my butt back into the gym, I just might as incentive to keep going!
  13. I really like that sweater... :biggrin:
  14. They look like Joe's...maybe the Muse?