She's on her way!!

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  1. On Sunday I was at my local LV, and on display RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN they had a Denim Patchwork Speedy, and a Pokadot Bowly. I fell right in love with a blue Denim Patchwork Speedy.
    Well, it was only me & my mother, and we always have to get permission from dad before we make any purchases.
    We got home, and I explained to him the quality, and the amazing purse I saw. He fell right for it.
    So, he said he would take yesterday to the store to go pick it up, because he wanted to look at it.
    WELL, I got sick yesterday!! :cursing:
    So today when he went to the store, they said they didn't have it anymore. He got so upset, that he called every place in Florida. :wtf:
    Then he gave the phone over to me, and told me to make a few calls, I called Naples and the SA told me to call a place in Maryland, she said they had THREE.

    SO I called, and I ordered it One day air!
    The SA told me she could ship it right now!!

    She's on her way, and I am SO EXCITED!

    This TOTALLY makes up for the whole bad birthday thing, because instead of a Speedy 25 Mono, I got a Denim Patchwork Speedy! :wtf:

    Never in a Million years would I think I could get one!
    Totally happy.

    I'll take photos with my dad's cam when it comes on Saturday. :heart: :heart:

    Until then, does anyone have photos with theirs?
  2. *congratulation*
    Go daddy!! he's a sweety :smile:
  3. Glad you managed to track one down!:yahoo:
    Congrats and don't forget to post pics when you get her.
  4. YAY congrats it's beautiful I saw it at the weekend it's gorgeous
  5. If anyone else is looking, call the 866Vuitton, and ask for the Chevy Chase 20815 Maryland United States.
    They also have the bowly!

    She has 2 more :smile:
  6. YAy! Congrats! Please post pics.
  7. congrats!! what a great dad you have!
  8. Congratulations!! It's super cute.
  9. Thanks everyone.
    I didn't even have to give him my money!
    So in a few weeks I could get a nice scarf, or cles for it.
    Maybe a walet. =)
    Super Excited.
  10. Congrats!!
  11. congrats!
  12. congrats on your patchwork speedy! your dad is really nice to get that for you! hope you'll share your pics when you get it.
  13. Congratulations! I wish my dad was like that! Instead I get Nalgene bottles and car tire changing kits - LOL! What can you do though . . .
  14. YAY!!! Another great bag for a great tPF'er!! CONGRATS!! What a sweet dad!! he sounds like mine :love:
  15. Congrats! Your dad is so sweet!