She's mine (again)

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  1. :heart::heart:Several months ago I purchased and returned graphite and cinnamon maggie...... I know, I know, crazy!

    Well at the time the outlets only had the larger size which was fine with me but the price tag was too much. (I didn't get them when they were 50% and they wouldn't do a PA) So I returned them in hopes that one day we would be together again. I won one of them back and in the regular size that I REALLY wanted and at a price that is WAY better than what I paid originally. :heart::heart:
  2. Congrats...she is a beauty!! :smile:
  3. very nice. i did the same thing and found my cinnamon maggie again too. enjoy
  4. Thanks guys!
  5. Congrats!
  6. It's beautiful! Can't wait for the big reveal!!
  7. very pretty!!!! glad you were reunited
  8. VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!!!!!!
  9. She's gorgeous, congratulations!!!
  10. Yeah! Reunited and it feels so good:tunes: I just had the same experience with a black sabrina. The best kind of love, it was lost and comes back :smile:
  11. Wooohoo! Great find. :smile:
  12. Great price. So glad you were able to find the size you wanted for a more reasonable price!
  13. wow thats a great price!
  14. Obviously I broke my ban. It was good while it lasted! (2 months). But there was no way I wasn't going to bid on her! I honestly didn't think I would win.
  15. Congrats on your find....the cinnamon Maggies in small are like non-existent....been trying to find one too! At least you have one of them back now.