She's herrrrreeeeeeeee…my first reveal!

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  1. Ok, this is not my first RM, but here she is…

    Can someone tell me how to make my pics bigger:sad:?
  2. Is this a tease???
  3. Just a little bit…
  4. Looks like a Mattie of sorts...??
  5. OH, dusty mattie?? I saw that on the bluefly website... and I was tempted to get the Jade mattie.
  6. :graucho: what is it???
  7. Take it offff!!!
  8. You're right. Dusty Mattie in all her glorious butteriness:smile:
    dusty9.jpg dusty7.jpg dusty1.jpg dusty4.jpg
  9. yummy!
  10. Oooh that is cuuttteee! Congrats!
  11. Oh! So gorgeous!!
  12. Very nice!
  13. Dusty leather is sooooo beautiful!
  14. Beautiful shade!
  15. It is so lovely...congrats!!!