She's here!!

  1. Thanks both, I'm really pleased with it. I was worried the strap would be too long but I think it sits the slightly slouchy style of the bag. Helps that I'm not too worried about babying her because of her dark colour. I just need the weather to turn now so I can wear my new scarf!
  2. Lily is beautiful! Love her!! :smile:
  3. Which scarf did you get?
  4. I got Tamara in Nightshade when the sale first started. It hasn't been cold enough to wear it yet though as it's quite a large scarf. I think it'll be a staple come the colder months for sure :smile:
  5. Was that the one that was a plain colour all over with the embossed tree on it?
  6. A lovely duo, Sammiantha, and a fabulous start to your Mulberry collection! :smile:
  7. Thank you :smile: I have the bug now - 2 bags and a scarf in the space of a month! I think I need to curb my spending until later in the year.
  8. Thank you :smile:
  9. Lovely new Lily....these bags are certainly addictive :lol:
  10. Lovely Lily and we are Alexa hobo twinnies! I love the colour and hardware on yours, gorgeous!
  11. Ahh - Sammiantha - well done - a lovely, classic and practical bag!!!!:biggrin:
  12. Stunning! I would love an oversized lily, I am asking for one for Christmas! :smile:
  13. Absolutely gorgeous bag!