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  1. I posted a thread a while ago mentioning that Santa may be bringing me an early X'mas present. Well, I finally received my 35 Graphite Birkin in Clemence with PH.:yahoo:

    DH doesnt approve of my handbag purchases so I apologize for the horrid pictures as I had to take them in a hurry with my cameraphone while he had his shower. The second picture shows Ms B with her little sister, Ms Kelly (in 28 Chevre-vermillion).

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  2. Love them they make a perfect pair!!!
  3. FABULOUS!!! Beautiful Birkin and she and sister K make a great pair! Enjoy!
  4. CONGRATS Sasa!! Gorgeous bag! I know the feeling regarding your DH: My DH says I should be locked up in a loony bin, every time he see's me doing something bag-related!!;)
  5. Perfect Classic Bags!
  6. lovely bag..congrats..
  7. Sasa congrats!! Stunning pair!
  8. gorgeous bags!
  9. Congratulations! :yahoo: I wish I could enlarge the photos though. :yes:
  10. Beautiful! Congrats!!
  11. Sasa, congrats. I might have to do the same when I get my 2nd Birkin. lol.
  12. Congratulations Sasa! She is beautiful!!! Graphite is gorgeous and she makes a wonderful companion to your Kelly!
  13. CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW BAG!!! SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!Don't worry you're not alone when you say that DH doesn't really approve of your handbag purchases!!! Mine is slightly partial!!! Your Kelly is BEAUTIFUL too!!! Great color!!!!
  14. Congratulations, Sasa!!! :yahoo:
  15. The pics are tiny, I want to see them plastered all over the screen :biggrin: Love your bags!! Gorgeous.