She's Here!!

  1. Some of you know I've been eyeing the MC Alma. Well I found a used one in pristine condition. Omigosh, she's a beauty and I LOVE her!! I can join the Alma club now. :yahoo:

  2. YAAAAA for you!!!! Great piece...and you look soooo good carrying it!!
  3. Congratulations. Good find.
  4. It looks GREAT on you!!! CONGRATS and WELCOME to Alma club!!!:yahoo:
  5. Congrats!!
  6. Very cute! Congrats!!
  7. I'm thrilled for you!! Congrats!!!:flowers:
  8. Beautiful bag! You wear it well
  9. Congrats!:love: It's beautiful!:love:
  10. Congrats!! Welcome to the club! You won't be putting it down anytime soon LOL!
  11. Lovely
  12. Wow, it looks gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. Congrats, it looks great!!
  14. Congrats, it looks great on you !
  15. Gorgeous!!!