She's here!

  1. Ms. Mahala has arrived :yahoo:and I have a sweet story behind it! :love:
  2. Congrats Abi, can't wait to hear/see your lovely Mahala ;)
  3. yay abi! :yahoo:so happy for you:heart:...wanna hear the story and see the new addition!:yes:
  4. OOOhhh..congrats! Pictures!
  5. So pony up the pics and the story girl! :graucho: No teasing and running. :supacool:

    looking forward to checking out your pics :smile:
  7. WELLLL???? Where are the pics? Don't leave us hanging like that!
  8. Yes!!! Please post pics and tell us the Mahala story!
  9. I'm here now.. :yes: Sorry about that. I literally felt the need to at least let you lovelies know that she got to me safe and sound. But I had to literally leave after I posted.

    Anyway anyway.. story first.

    So she was scheduled to arrive yesterday. During lunch, the hubby and I made sure we swing by the house to check if the FedEx box has been delivered. We always try to go out for our lunch date. :love:We always miss FedEx, for like 5 times now. I was so antsy and excited, it felt I was 12. lol! No box in the horizon..:crybaby:So I knew that we missed the delivery and I will have to wait until Monday (?!).

    So went back to work, went on with my "almost" perfect day. Then come around 4pm, the hubby visited me at work and said that I might be able to use a break. Then he presents.. The Box! :nuts::yahoo:. I opened it and Oooh, she's so pretty. She's lighter than I expected and love the leather!

    And I see as a standard procedure for us - here she is.. (and that's me holding her..)





    hope the pictures work.
  10. wow, the pic is too big and it didnt show the other ones too.. okay, need help. how do you post? Which works best.. direct link, IM, html or IMG code..??:shrugs:
  11. abi-she is lovely:love: and what a wonderful story too!:girlsigh:

    to post more pics...i only see one....go to advanced and then manage attachments...upload your pics from someplace like photobucket and voila!
    hths! can't wait to see more... modeling pics!! :yes:
    congrats to you!!:yahoo:
  12. Great bag Abilicious:yahoo:

    Looking forward to seeing modeling photos of you and your Gorgeous new baby:woohoo::woohoo:
  13. It's still too big.. :confused1: but here's another shot.. Thanks Mick! ;)

  14. Robyn! Thanks! :tender:
    It's going to be a long happy relationship for me and Ms. Mahala!
  15. you did fine abi!:tup: love it! :love:looks great!:yes: do you love it? :shrugs: hope so!