She's Here!!!!

  1. Feel like you've heard that before!?! :graucho: Well, my large chocolate carly has arrived!!! :tup: After going through 2 medium khaki/saddle and 1 large khaki/ebony THIS is THEE bag for me!!! :yahoo:I absolutely :heart: her! I think the dark color is so rich, and really helps in the large on me not look like a billboard and the way it slouches and not look so large.. love them all, but this is my personal favorite!! Thanks for looking!!! ;)

  2. I love that bag! Congrats!!
  3. Beautiful bag! And I love the monkey charm on it, too. I am glad you found a bag you love!
  4. SO beautiful, love the color! Congrats! The monkey looks adorable on there too. :smile:
  5. Thanks guys!!! :tup:
    So many times I find a bag I love but it takes a while to take off the tags and wear her.. not this baby! She is mine!!! :graucho:
  6. She's a beauty!
  7. She is delicious!!!!! The chocolate is just perrrrfecttt!!
  8. Thanks! I know the chocolate is so yummy.. I just want to eat it up! Calorie free, right?!? :tup:
  9. That is one beautiful bag! Carly is nice in any colour but chocolate is something special (Coach always does great chocolate). The monkey charm and your initial look great, I really like the blue against the brown. Glad you are happy, enjoy!
  10. The chocolate is scrumptious!
  11. Congrats on your new chocolate carly! I just got mine last Friday (in large) and I can't stop wearing it! I'm even going to use it as one of my carry-ons on the plane I get to travel on tomorrow. Love it! Love it! And I am glad to hear that you love yours too!
  12. I love that bag! I want one but can't decide on a medium or large. Any modeling pics?
  13. GORGEOUS! I love the monkey keyfob you put on the carly! It's very cute! :tup:

    Congrats on getting her! :yes:
  14. I was the same way.. the large seemed HUGE and I am 5'10" but don't like huge bags.. bought the medium and it held my stuff great.. but the way it slouched I just thought it looked sloppy.. but the large, especially in the dark color I think is great! :yahoo: Once you get all that dang stuffing out of her she slouches beautifully and is not that huge looking.. and I can reach in and get my wallet and stuff w/o taking her off my shoulder.. I love it! :heart: Here are my only pics.. they are not very good, sorry!!
  15. VERY CUTE! the more i see this the more i want it haha