She's Here! Yeah!

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  1. I am so happy. UPS came today with a little something... I've wanted this bag for months and now that I finally have her (at a pretty penny:Push:smile:, I'm in love... So, without further adieu. I present my brand new Black MJ Quilted Venetia. Thanks.

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  2. Very, very pretty! Congratulations. Quilted is definately the way to go.
  3. That is positively gorgeous! Love the quilting and the gold just pops against the black! Congrats and enjoy:tup:
  4. very beautiful
  5. Congrats! I'd stop dead in my tracks if I saw that on the street- it's an eye-catcher for sure, and a beauty. *wolf whistle*
  6. I love it!!! Do they all come with a chain? Have I been hiding under a rock? Because that adds so much to the bag!!! It's lovely, congrats! :biggrin:
  7. Oooo so pretty! Where did you get it? Congrats!
  8. Beautiful! Congrats. It's a great bag.
  9. Wow! I've never seen that bag - it is AWESOME!
  10. I love the gold chain on that, really adds a classy touch. Such a beautiful combo,congrats!
  11. That is seriously one hot bag--congrats!
  12. Congrats!!! She is gorgeous!!
  13. What a stunner! Congratulations!
  14. so pretty and classic! congrats!
  15. LOVE it!!!!!

    She totally SCREAMS class!!!!! :okay: