She's Here, She's Here!!...

  1. Yaaaay, my new Zucca Spy from Pinch of Rosemary has arrived!! :yahoo: It's in EXCELLENT condition, such a great deal!! Pics are attached...
    Pic 1 - the new baby
    Pic 2 - closeup of bubbles (for Saich! :lol:)
    Pics 3 & 4 - the family

    Hhhmmm, I definitely think three is the lucky number though, plus the family is heavy on the brown what should the next color be?? :graucho:
    DSC00620.JPG DSC00622.JPG DSC00624.JPG DSC00623.JPG
  2. Yeah - Congratulations!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    How lovely they look together - your fortuny has a new sibling! :love:

    Three huh? Looks like somebody's got Spy fever!!! :graucho:
  3. :heart::heart::heart::heart: IT!!!!

  4. OMG such beautiful bags :drool: and super super bubbles. The Zucca is so lovely, you know although I do not have one of these I think they are amazing stunning bags, I will have to get one soon :graucho: and the Hologram is amazing, we could be spy sisters.

    Cograts on such lovely spys
  5. Hurrrrraaaaaaaaaay!!
  6. Think you should go for the Blueberry next.

    Also wanted to remind everyone its HandbagAddict4Ever birthday today 17th anyone wishing to wish her a happy birthday thread on GD
  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! :yahoo: your new addition is just beautiful!! I am also looking to purchase a sibling for my honey spy. However, only one concern it has to do with the interior of the zucca spy it is unlike the other spy interiors. :confused1: hmmmm there is one available instore now, should I go and buy it?

  8. Stop it, you're a bad bad influence! (kidding)

    your spy is beautifull! the zucca is so hot and sexy!
  9. Ooooooooooooooooh! Look at your two beautiful babies sittin' side by side!!!!!!! How do you like your new baby? And you're already thinkin' about the next color!? LOL! I hope you don't mind, but I may have to make one of your photos my computer wallpaper!
  10. LOL! I Love you Nancy!:roflmfao:
  11. congrats!
  12. GORGEOUS!! Why does this particular Spy grab my attention so much?!! It is such a stunning bag! Congrats on your newest addition!:drool:
  13. What a gorgeous bag - she is gorgeous - enjoy

  14. I think its the handles, love these, just so different - must get one:angel:
  15. Aww, you're so sweet Saich! :flowers: But I have such a looooong way to go before I could even be your spy step-sister :lol: But yes, a zucca would be a lovely addition to your collection!! :yes: