She's here! She's here! Reveal! Reveal!

London 411

Aug 1, 2009
Okay beautiful 2008 RH Sapphire City arrived today!! And she is beautiful!!! The photos do not do her justice. :loveeyes:

I think I scared the UPS guy because as soon as he pulled up I ran out of the house. When I appeared from the trees I think he thought my dog was coming for him. :doggie:

There is a sign on my gate that says "Beware of Dog", but I put a note on my gate for the delivery guy that read..."UPS, I am home, please come through the gate and knock on my front door, the dog is in the house." I was just so afraid he would knock on my basement door and I would not have heard him and he would have driven away with my beautiful Sapphire. :girlwhack: she is!!!!

I will try and post the photos correctly. The first few show her color, a modeling photo (kind of) her sitting on my desk and on the sofa.