She's Here! My Lucky Day...

  1. Today is my day! Visited my favorite H SA and SURPRISE...she had a Birkin for me to look at... Was planning on a black 35 togo Birkin with PH...but as the H stories go...there was a slight alteration in my purchase plans... Tried on the Veau Evergrain 35 w/ gold HW and fell in love... :love: :love: :love:

    I could not resist and actually wore the beauty right out of the store...

    Now, for my next Birkin...LOL...
    Hermes Birkin 005.jpg Hermes Birkin 003.jpg
  2. Hot DAMN! Absolutely stunning! I love black evergrain and you don't see it as often. FABULOUS!!!!
  3. OMG! There is something in the air around here!

    :heart::yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS SOCAL!!!!:yahoo::heart:

    It is absolutely fabulous, and looks so fantastic on you!!! I am so so so happy for you!!!!:party:

  4. Hmmmm!! I am thinking I need to make a trip to Hermes this weekend. Congratulations on your bag, it looks wonderful on you.
  5. Shopmom, it is definitely time to update the list! LOL! IT's raining birkin and kellys around here!
  6. That is one perfect birkin on you -- congrats!! There IS something in the air around here lol!

  7. I couldn't say it any better!!!! It IS STUNNING! I love it in evergrain. I've only seen evergrain in the Kelly Mini Clutch and it's TDF. WOW!

    I swear, there's something in the air or the water or the food or something because this week ROCKS with Hermes purchases. Well SoCal....let me add you to the list too!!!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS on obtaining such a beauty!!!!! Enjoy her and wear her well!!!!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  8. Congratulaaaaaaaaaaations!!!! True classic!
  9. Wow, that is beautiful. It looks so supple!
  10. I have never seen this leather before. Is it similar to epsom? Coz by the 1st pic it kinda does.

    The birkin looks stunning, black is classic and it's forever! Great choice!
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! It is absolutely stunning! Tell me more about Evergrain--is it similar to box?
  12. Gorgeeeeeeussssss - congrats.
  13. Oh wow! Congrats girl!

    You have been VERY busy this week! LOL!
  14. Woohoo!!! Champagne toast to you!!!!

    That didn't take long at all for you to get your black Birkin, wonderful!!!
  15. :party: Doing the happy dance for you!:party:

    Congrats, totally gorgeous!