She's Here...My First Balenciaga!!

  1. After seeing all the yummy Balenciaga's on here, I decided I needed my own. I had a hard time deciding on the color. I was scared of a light bag due to it getting dirty but I also didn't want a dark bag. After much thought, I decided to go with my heart and get the lighter bag. I decided on the Sahara Twiggy :love: I ordered her yesterday from BalNY (Daphne was my SA and she was great!) and I got the bag today :yahoo: The color is beautiful :drool: I can't wait to use her (I have to spray applegarde on her first)!! Here's a picture of her :heart:

  2. Congrats.:yahoo: Sahara looks awsome in the Twiggy. Great choice.:tup:
  3. Wow, Chichi!!
    I love your first choice:woohoo:
    A delicious neutral, perfect for spring/summer!
    Enjoy her!
  4. Congrats! The leather on your twiggy looks so soft and smooth! :drool: You will need to take a picture of your adorable chi and your new bag. ;)
  5. Really beautiful. Congrats and enjoy her
  6. NIce. congrats!
  7. Your new (and first) bag is SO LOVELY!! Sahara is one of those beautiful colors that looks good with everything!

    :p this won't be your last, will it?
  8. Beautiful! Congratulations.
  9. congrats!!
  10. Chichi I really like that color. Good choice. Congrats!
  11. Perfect bag for spring/summer! Lovely!
  12. This will NOT be my last!! I love it & I can't believe how light weight these bags are...
  13. :yahoo: Fabulous choice for a first bal!! Are you in awe with the leather?
  14. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  15. chichi she's beautiful! congrats :smile: