She's HERE!!!!! My beautiful Matelasse!!!

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  1. I've been anxiously tracking her on canadapost for four days and nothing was happening to her for the longest time... i thought i had lost her for good.

    A call from the lobby woke me up saying there's a package for me!!! :wtf:

    Here she is !!!!!! :P

    Andrea from Mona Moore did a great job! She even wrote me a postcard. How sweet!

    This dark brown is the most luxurious i've seen so far. And the leather on the matelasse is soooooooooo soft and plush!!! PLUS, she has pewter hardware!!!! LOVE LOVE LUUUUUUURVE IT!!!! :yahoo: :love: :love: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    It's CHRISTMAS!!!! :wlae:

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  2. Absolutely stunning..congrats :yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. I need to show the quilting on the matelasse. I compared it to my MJ Stam and mum's chanels, i must say that this is quilting done to PERFECTION! :nuts:

    Look closely at the folds and how each fold reflects just the amount of light. :yes:

    It is pure luxury. All the detail work put into making this bag. No wonder it costs so much more....

    I can't stop poking the quilting! It is sooo light. :P

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  4. Oh, the little quilted mirror just pushed me over the edge! LOVE IT!
  5. Yes! ETenebris, the quilited mirror!! It so cute. I wonder what's underneath the quilting that makes it sooo smooshy...:sneaky:

    This dark brown photographs with red undertones. I'm going to try and take some photos that show the true color. It is actually a really rich dark brown.
  6. I love your bag! I must say the brown is my favorite of the quilted bags. I keep hoping they go on sale so I have an excuse to buy one. Enjoy your gorgeous new bag!
  7. Oh wow!! She's gorgeous! Congrats :biggrin:
  8. Oooh!!! Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!! I so want one!!
  9. The black has shiny silver hardware as well. Congrats, it's beautiful. I'm so loving my black one! BTW, I think the photo where it's in the box shows the color very well, at least from what I remember (I saw a large size brown one at Barneys BH.)
  10. Oohhh.. that bag is so adorably cute! :love:
  11. congrats, i love the color!
  12. Love your bag! Great pick!
  13. congrats!!!!! She is stunning. Thanks for sharing with us.
  14. Congrats Luna! :yahoo: It's BEAUTIFUL!! So stunning! ITA the quilting on these bags is done to perfection and I love the shiny silver hardware as well! They are such luxurious bags! :heart:
  15. congrats! what a beautiful bag! isn't mona moore great to work with? they really have terrific customer service! enjoy your new bag!