She's here! Gold Silverado deserves her own thread

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  1. Missed the courier yesterday so she's just arrived this morning. Haven't even removed the tags yet I just couldn't wait to get her out and try her on.

    She's as subtle and beautiful as I remember. It's the nicest gold bag I've ever seen. It's such a subtle colour - it's actually like an antique gold colour. She will really fit into my wardrobe so although I was worried about such a statement bag, she is definately a keeper.

    pic1.jpg pic4.jpg pic2.jpg pic3.jpg
  2. Gorgeous! Congratulations, I agree, she is a keeper!
  3. :shocked:!!! Shes gorgeous!!!
  4. Congrats!!! you wear that well!!!!
  5. Congrats!!! Looks amazing on you, esp with your black outfit! Stunning!
  6. Curls...its gorgeous! Oh gosh...really is. I've been eyeing a silverado for ages..but they dun stock much variety here in Spore...dun mind me asking where did you get yours btw :smile:.
  7. Thanks ladies. I'm so in love with her. She's even more gorgeous than I remember. And she's nice and big enough to fit all my junk in :biggrin:

    I struck luck and bought it half price in the sales at Net-A-Porter. It's sold out now I think.
  8. She's a beauty! Lucky you who got one!! :biggrin:
  9. you look beautiful together! and such a great deal!
  10. congrats...
    That's very nice on you
  11. So adorable! The gold will go with everything! Congrats.
  12. I love your Silverado. I was contemplating it myself, but they're sold out now. :crybaby: It looks beautiful on you.
  13. Sooo pretty! I love gold bags! I was debating getting one on NAP too, but have never seen a Silverado in real life. By the time I was ready to go for it, they were gone.:crybaby: You are a lucky girl.:yahoo:
  14. Great - now I want one. Looks amazing and it suits you perfectly. Congrats on a great bag at a great price.
  15. Congratulations!!! Gorgeous bag, and it looks absolutely fabulous on you! Enjoy that beauty!
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