Shes here!! Ergo Belted Magazine Tote!!

  1. Hi. Here are the pictures of my Ergo Belted Magazine Tote No. 11266. I do find it a bit small for my needs so more than likely I will exchange it for the larger tote. Here is a comparison of the plum color and the tobacco color and me modeling the plum one.
    I really do like the plum color but I think they should have made this bag one to two inches longer.
    IMG0005_6.jpg IMG0003_21.jpg IMG0011_3.jpg
  2. I love that plum color! Too bad it isn't bigger to suit your needs. I like this one but I like the new patent pond tote better! Congrats again!
  3. Congrats, so pretty...the color is TDF!
  4. OMG good Coach day for you girl! Very nice!
  5. you lucky girl... two in a day!!! It's very beautiful:woohoo:
  6. It looks fab on you! Enjoy!!
  7. Thanks ladies. I really like the Ergo Belted Plum Magazine tote but I think I will like the large size even more. I tend to gravitate towards large bags for the most part. I can't wait to see the Pleated Ergos but we have to wait until June. That seems so far away.
  8. ooh la la!!the ergo IS gorgeous!never gave it a 2nd glance before
    but u totally rock the bag!:nuts:
  9. i love the plum color, and i like the way it looks, but i think that one is too small! is that the medium or the large? are these sized like the orignal ergo totes? if so, then i'd probably have to get a large like the one i have.
  10. I like the larger size myself, that way if you are carrying alot of stuff you are good.
    This is the medium Ergo Belted Magazine tote but Coach should have made it bigger
    in the length and width. They call it a magazine tote but you can barely fit a magazine
    in it.
  11. I love the plum color! It is so pretty!
  12. Liz: that bag looks GREAT on you, too! I am partial to the ergo line, and own 2 hobos, as you know! I may be needing to buy a tote now though after seeing your beautiful pics tonight!!!! Thanks for showing the comparison of the plum color and the tobacco color, too!
  13. Liz, love the plum tote!!! I think that medium would be a great size for me. I wonder if any new belted Ergo colors are coming out this Spring? Does anyone know?
  14. Liz,

    That plum color looks GORGEOUS on you! Wow! I really love the tobacco, too, but that plum is just so amazing! Are you going to keep either one/both or are you still looking for a large plum tote from the outlets?
  15. Liz, I really like the tobacco in the medium size belted HOBO, but man, I LOVE the magazine tote in the PLUM even better!!! Looks great!!!
    tabasco ergo 002.JPG