She's Here!! Damier Saleya MM Review

Dec 6, 2005
She arrived yesterday!!! Guys belive the hype (at least my hype ;) ) on this one, it's gorgeous! I definitely prefer this size to the PM and GM, it is just right- it can hold a ton of stuff, but is not so huge like the GM IMO to carry throughout the day and on the weekend. My only thing that I would want is for the handles/straps to be a tad bit longer, I have a skinny arm, and I did have some slipping of the strap, BUT everything else is A+ on this bag, the shape, is it a trapezoid? is very reminiscent of Longchamp totes, I find it extremely functional. Just in carrying from daycare to work I got about 6 compliments. Love it!! Hopefully, I'll be able to post some sort of pics this weekend along with my tan Gucci hobo, that I also truly adore these days! :love: :love: I'm in complete bag nirvana!


Jan 17, 2006
I'd love to see photos of both your bags. Please post one of you wearing the Saleya. I was contemplating this bag before getting my Chelsea. But I wanted a more traditional tote instead!

Congrats though! Sounds like you chose a winner!