She's here come take a look!!!

  1. Ok Last week I won this Legacy Satchel in a exclusive Japan color it is a beautiful blue color in the turquoise family. This color is just stunning and the leather smell is sooo good!!

    Here she is


  2. Congrats! I had no idea they made special colors for other countries - that's really interesting!
  3. It's beautiful!! I love it!! Congrats!!
  4. Congrats! :yahoo:The color is TDF! :drool:
  5. Congrats- the color is perfect for spring
  6. Wow...that is drool worthy!
  7. Wow, congrats it's so pretty. Is it much different from the pond?
  8. Beautiful! I love the color! What a lucky gal you are!
  9. Just beautiful! Congrats.
  10. this is more a aqua blue as pond is blue :heart:
  11. Oh how pretty!:nuts:
  12. Gorgeous! I love that shade of blue!
  13. That makes me :drool:

    BEAUTIFUL! :nuts:
  14. Stunning! Congrats!
  15. I love that color. I was not really a big fan of some of the colors they had in the Legacy line, but I love that one. That is really interesting that they make other colors for other countries. :nuts:I would love to have a bag that color, but I don't know what I would wear it with. I :heart:the Legacy lining too!!