She's here! But no pics yet...

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  1. Ms. Dentelle Bagnitolles Horizontal arrived from Oahu today. Just went from work and picked her up at Fedex and she sits in a big box in my car until I get off work...:yahoo:


    I'm in the process of getting my passport and since no more bags for a while, have promised myself that once I get passport (have to get birth certificate and everything); I will congratulate myself with the damier passport cover...:smile:

    Hooray for using bags and rotating your collection... today is Perle Bedford day:idea:

    Oh, I did happen to fall in love with Denim Pleaty PM at the boutique... can't believe it, but what a great bag!

    not for a long long time though.... have plenty plenty now to last...:okay:
  2. CONGRATS GIRL!! :biggrin: can't wait to see pics.
  3. congrats, i have the silver dentelle BH too, its so beautiful! cant wait to see pics!!
  4. Oh you're going to be in heaven :smile:
  5. NICE!!!!! do you wear her casually as a day bag???? Do you wear her with everything??? Do you totally adore her???:yes:

    I never ever thought I'd have a dentelle bag, have the pochette wallet and have adored it. But, can't believe I actually got a bag! wow.
  6. Already am, girl. Have chills reading this post and everyone's responses......:nuts:;):nuts:
  7. Congrats!!! It's a gorgeous bag!
  8. i usually wear it with most things, but not with loud prints or something that could make the whole 'look' to busy. its my biggest LV bag so i use it anytime i need to carry more, usually when i visit my mum and know im going to be bringing a lot of stuff back home. I got it the day they were released and i haven’t stopped loving it! Every time i pull it out of the dust bag i kinda 'admire' the beautiful silver stitching for a min, hehe, and when i walk past a mirror or something i check it out in the reflection. You can tell i love it!
  9. OOOh congrats veronika! i can't wait to see it...leave work early!...just kidding, lol.

  10. YAY congrats! I can't wait for pictures, I bet they'll be spectacular!