She's here... and so pretty ;)

  1. As some of you may know, I bought a black MC Alma from a MyPoupette-seller last week - she arrived today :amuse:

    I was so excited and afraid but everything is fine, the condition of the bag is even better then described. You rarely see, that it's already used and the cowhide is still pale.
    I took some pictures (a little dark, the lightning was so bad, sorry) - look how great Alma and Hudson look together *hehe* :lol:
    alma1.jpg alma2.jpg alma3.jpg
  2. I:heart:MC Alma!!! CONGRATS!!!:love:
  3. Congrats!!!! It's beautiful! Can I ask you how your like your Hudson? That's the next bag I think I want to get this fall and I'm wondering how you like it on your shoulder? Is it heavy? Does the strap stay on or slip? Thanks!!!
  4. Congrats!!!! That is one drop-dead beautiful bag! They look happy together!
  5. Congrats, Very nice!! Enjoy!:biggrin:

    I was also wondering about the Hudson.....Is the strap on the front easy to get in and out of the bag? Does the strap on the front seem to be cumbersome (having to undo it and fasten it)? It's so beautiful as well!!!!!!:yes:
  6. Yippeee, I love my alma too! Did you get a good deal?
  7. I :heart: my Hudson.
    It's heavier then I expected, because of the tucks on the pockets. But I like the fact that you can carry it on the shoulder and the size is perfect for my daily needs.
    The strap stays on the shoulder, it only slips when the bag is empty. I don't use the additional short strap that came with the bag (don't know how that's called in English :shame:smile:, because it felt uncomfortable on my shoulder (too wide IMO).
  8. Congrats! It's beautiful!
  9. I was also a little suspicious because of the strap on the front :amuse: But you learn how to open it very early, I'm able to open it w/ one hand in a few seconds now :angel:

    Thank you all :flowers:
  10. Looking at the condition of the bag - absolutely.
    With shipping I payed ~130€ under German retail price - and the bag looks as new.
  11. very nice:smile:
  12. Congrats!!! Beautiful!!
  13. Congrats on two very lovely bags!
  14. it's beautiful, congrats!!
  15. Congrats! IT's georgeous & looks so new too! I'm thinking about getting either the Alma or Trouville, so please share how you like yours!