She's Here...and she's beautiful.

  1. My new MAM... I love her so much I've been rubbing her and gazing adoringly at her all night. :love: I tried to take pictures of her but they don't do her any justice.




  2. Isn't the midnight leather AMAZING????!!!

    Congrats! It's a beautiful bag!
  3. Yes- you are so right. THe midnight leather is TDF and the smell...I think I might have a little leather high right now. Feels so goooood. I'm gonna head to the fridge for a beer. hahahahahaha
  4. I love it! Beautiful!
  5. There's just something about the Midnight leather that is amazingly luscious.....deliciously rich!

    Yep...I'm on a "leather high" over here myself! Surprising considering I have the flu! Just goes to show you how intoxicating the smell of this leather really is!
  6. she is beautiful!! I agree that the midnight leather it's beautiful, misterious and sexy :tender:
  7. She is soo pretty! :smile:
  8. oh man, that's the other RM i've been eyeing! simply STUNNING!!! any chance for an action shot? pretty please? :smile:
  9. This is a stunning bag! Midnigt and pewter combination is a perfect match.
  10. Lovely! Congratulations!!

  11. Here's my attempt at action!!!


  12. It looks so perfect for a night out too! :biggrin: Congrats!!! Looks great on you!
  13. Congrats! :woohoo: The bag looks awesome on you! :nuts: Wear her in good health!
  14. Thanks girls for the nice words- you are too kind.
  15. Gorgeous-- congrats. So many beautiful new bags!