She's here...and I love her...Cerises Speedy!!!

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I found this wonderful Cerises Speedy on eBay and with the help of our fantastic authenticators she arrived late last week. The smiling faces are the best and I love taking her out. She's my first Speedy and it's funny...I never thought I would get a Speedy since I like more structured bags...but the cherries won me over. :heart:

    One question I do have for other Cerises Speedy owners is if you carry the bag with a lock on. I have one on right now, but am worried that the lock may start rubbing against the cherry prints.

    I hope you enjoy the pictures. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    IMG_0323.jpg IMG_0321.jpg IMG_0322.jpg IMG_0319.jpg
  2. Congrats, she's gorgeous!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! :yes:
  4. Great bag, all those smiling cherries....too cute.
  5. Congrats, she's so pretty !
  6. Congrats! This bag is in PRISTINE condition I must say.
  7. Congrats! The Cerises Speedy is one of my HG bags!
  8. what a perfect patina! she's a beauty! i just wouldn't put the lock on...i don't use a lock on either of my speedies.
  9. congrat's, she's a beautiful bag!
  10. How cute! I never realised the cherries were smilies!
    Congrats on the concerred piece!
    I think the lock gives an extra little something. I carry mine on my mirage too, I think it adds a classy effect... I can't imagine it would damage the bag as much, the canvas is really resistant to almost everything ;)
  11. Wow! In such pristine condition!! So gorgeous, congrats!! Only if they made a 30!!
  12. Looks Very New, And Pretty!
  13. Yay, congrats! She's pretty!

    Happy Turkey Day to you too!
  14. Congrats!! It's a beauty!:love: I left my lock on and the little cerises beneath the lock is fine.
  15. Cute bag...congrats!!