She's Here........and I Am In Love


Jan 23, 2006
:heart:My Tivoli GM CAME IN FROM eLUX LAST NIGHT AND i AM IN LOVE(besides with my husband)
The bag is in perfect condition, brown paper on brass that holds the straps, and straps in plastic insde the bag.
The pull had plastic protective cover.She is made in France,yah!
I absolutely love this bag. She is awesome.I adore the classyness(is that even a word)of it and the gold pull is like having a key chain attached to it(without paying extra for one).

The GM is a perfect size, really not too big at all. I was just walking around my house with her in jogging pants and tank and I felt so 'ritzy'. She is my most elegant bag, I also havwe the simple everyday 'Monty', these two monogram bags are the first two monograms(beside my sonatine) that I have ever purchased simply because ttheir style and shapes caught my eye.
I'll take pics tonight when I get home and let you all enjoy her.
I'm so in love........:heart:


Mar 23, 2007
oN TUESDAY-tRISTAN, sa called me, b/c I talked to him a few days before and he said he would watch for one.
I an hour ago @elux they have a few GM and PM'S , GO TO MONOGRAM AND look under there list.

Yeah it looks like 2 are available! Congrats! I thought they would never get back in stock!!!

Post pics when you can!

I have the GM and LOVE it!