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  1. Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for all of your input. After a long time deciding and what felt like forever in shipping - my beautiful truffle has arrived. Im posting my hasty pics (I took right after picking up the mail and in line to pick up my daughter at school). More later. Such a pretty color and the leather is so soft.

    One thing I'm going to have to get used to is all the fringe. I love the way it looks, but am already afraid of breaking them and don't know if it will hinder the use of the bag. Any tips? I've already thought about removing one set from one of the zippers.

    She really is lovely.

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  2. oh yayyy!!! I'm glad you like it!

    about the tassels just try to be gentle but I didn't do any preventive action or anything about it. I just watch when it's put on the couch so when I sit I don't sit on the tassels, and I always pull as near as the hardware so not to give a lot of stress on it
  3. looks beautiful!!! are you the first owner? i'm looking for my first too :smile:
  4. seahorse- I will be careful not to sit on it!!

    Thanks Ceeli - I'm not the first owner. This bag is an 06! I can't believe it because it looks brand spanking new. Corey at RDC helped me out and it does NOT dissapoint!
  5. Very nice congratulations
  6. Here are some more pics because I am nutty. :lol:

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  7. Looks great I love the color
  8. thanks!
  9. Wow, looks gorgeous, congrats! Just love it, colour is breathtaking.
    About the fringe, tassels on your beauty seem split. Maybe you can glue them back together with leather glue. I have never done it myself but i read somewhere in the forum other members have done it. I think others will chime in.
    It will be a lot less fringe then!
  10. Thanks so much for the advice. The bag came with extra tassels, I will examine. I didn't even realize!
  11. congrats!:smile: beautiful truffle! :smile: she looks yummy!
  12. lovely bag. i wouldn't cut the tassels, just be careful with it. :smile:
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    Truffel has always been a favorite of mine. Your bag looks fantastic. Whatever you do, DON'T CUT THE TASSELS.


    I'll go get the thread that I show gluing and you might want to do that.
    Since you have extra tassels you won't be able to use them in the scrunched up condition they will be in after being in that little plastic wrapper since 2006. On all my oldies, I unwrap the plastic and wrap the tassels around a large glass jar. You know those gallon sized jars? About 5"inches across. I leave them for 3 days then wrap in the other direction, leave for 3 days and this tends to make them straight. I once tried ironing them and it made them look shiny.
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  14. Congrats! Great neutral!
  15. You are a DOLL. Truly, I appreciate your help so much.

    I have never seen a Bal IRL before today so I didn't even realize the tassels are split. Which explains why I felt like there were SO many!

    Btw- I hadn't even considered cutting the tassles. I swear.