She's Heeeeere!!!!!!

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  1. Here's my new Khaki/Bronze in Medium! Notice the pretty blue lining! I really like the color of the trim! BTW, the color in my pics are true to the color of the trim for reference.
    Picture 704.jpg Picture 705.jpg Picture 701.jpg
  2. ooh what a hottie.. I love the blue lining too :drool: Congrats :biggrin:
  3. Congrats! Glad she came today!
  4. She's HOT!

    I love that bag. I love the color it makes the bag stand out! Are you going to dress her up? :graucho:
  5. OMGosh stunning! Congrat's do we get modeling pic's ?
  6. Pretty. It does look more gold than bronze though. But very pretty. :yes:
  7. Thanks everyone! I love her! And modelling pics will be on their way soon!
  8. Gorgeous! I love the blue lining too! Can't wait to see modelling pics!
  9. No I can't dress her up yet:crybaby: I don't have any scarves yet (YET--hehe). Thanks for the compliment though!
  10. beautiful!! enjoy her!
  11. LA, I'm glad you got it! It's beautiful! I love the blue lining too.:yahoo:
  12. I LOVE your new carly... so pretty!! Congrats!!
  13. She's really lovely, you're making me want a bronze Carly and the blue lining is TDF!
  14. Thank you nolarice, Fluffy, CoachGirl, and MsAmie! I love her:love:
  15. congats!pretty bag!!
    seeing all the carlys posted here really made me wanna
    jump on the bandwagon and get one for myself too!
    argghhhh should i??!!:confused1: