she's gonna freak when i give this to her

  1. so my mom loves all my bags and when i get a new catalog in she will always circle the things she wants and says that is too much but to let her know if it goes on sale!
    i got her josie flats for x-mas that were on sale and she went crazy over them. So i know she is going to so happy!!!!!!

    so for her birthday i got her a ergo! i cant wait to give it to her!!!!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo:


  2. She's gonna be sooo excited. What a nice thing to do for your Mom!
  3. That is so nice of you to get that for her birthday!
  4. how sweet!! i love the ergo!
  5. Thats so nice. She is going to be so happy. She is very lucky. I will say to you to treasure your mom always. I lost mine when I was 25. That was 13 years ago and I still miss her every single day and think of her a million times a day. Tell your mom "Happy Birthday" Enjoy. I know she will love it.
  6. Awww!!!! You are too sweet!!!!! What a wonderful daughter! It's definitely a gift a mother deserves! It's gorgeous, she will love it!
  7. what a beautiful bag
  8. What a great daughter you are!!! :flowers:
  9. i am drooling- that bag is fab! what a great daughter you are!!!
  10. WOW! Your mom will be so happy! I wish mine was still around to lavish her w/ gifts.
  11. That is so sweet of you! I love that patent trim! Nice, subtle update to an already great bag!
  12. I also got this for my mom! and she loves it :smile: Your mom will love it!
  13. What a great gift! I'm sure she will love it!
  14. That's an awesome bag. Very thoughtful and I KNOW she will love it. I love it!
  15. She is going to freak. That is a great bag and you mom is going to love it. You are a very nice and generous daughter.