She's FINALLY here!!!

  1. YEAH!!! :yahoo: After waiting a WEEK (priority mail!) for her.. she came today! I was still sweatin' it because my mailman came 4 hours later than usual!! :wtf: Anyway, she's a beauty.. she seems great.. I have a question though... the bag looks all authentic and I have the originaly packing slip.. she is previously loved.. but she came in one of those icky white dustbags that I was always told were a huge red flag of a fake! :cursing: Still trying to figure that one out... any ideas?? :confused1: I emailed the seller and she said that is the bag it came in, maybe to not have color transfer? But I don't think so.. I hope I am wrong... coach experts??? TIA!!
  2. any thoughts on the offending dust bag? I know this ali is real, it is identical to my others, looks, smells, feels real.. but the dustbag thing is just.. iffy.. isn't it?!?
  3. I ordered this bag from the store, and it came in a brown dustbug.

    It is a beautiful bag. I ended up exchanging mine, as I already had an Ali and a white leather.
  4. The Ali looks beautiful....but the dust bag looks funky. Maybe it's an old Coach dust 8 years ago? Congrats on your gorgeous bag...such a great style!
  5. I can't help you with the dustbag question but Woo~hoo ~ she's gorgeous!:drool:
  6. it kinda looks like the outlet dustbag...or a dustbag for a fake that she switched out:shrugs:

    not to say that your bag is a fake, it's very beautiful :smile:
  7. The bag is beautiful and certainly looks authentic!! That dust bag does look fishy...I would ask her where she purchased the bag from, maybe it was just switched out as a previous poster mentioned.
  8. i've never seen the dustbag before....its not even an outlet bag. i have the white ali and mine came with a brown dustbag.....
  9. That's a fake dustbag, she probably didn't have a real one. Nice Ali, I love her!
  10. I know nothing about dustbags... but that bag is just gorgeous!! Congrats!!
  11. Congrats on getting such a beautiful bag! I have the white ali too and love her:heart:
    The white dustbag definitely looks fake but the bag looks real so that is strange.
  12. She's beautiful, fieldinspring! Just gorgeous (sigh...!)...

    The bag is definitely the genuine article, but I'm thinking the dustbag is an outlet dustbag - although mine in the past were that funky white fabric with red writing....

    I bought my white ali at the boutique and had the standard brown cotton dustbag. I wouldn't worry about it, 'tho if it really bothers you I'm sure you could purchase a brown dustbag on eBay or something...
  13. Thanks guys! :tia: I love her!!! I know the bag is authentic, just think it's weird that she would send it with that fugly dustbag.. I would have rather had nothing!! :confused1: Oh well, the important thing is the bag is beautiful and real!! :tup:
  14. YAY! She finally made it safe and sound! The bag is BEAUTIFUL!!
  15. Bee-U-Tee-Ful!