She's Finally Here! My Petrol Blue Stam!

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    After a week of waiting, my Petrol Blue Stam finally arrived yesterday while I was at work!! I got home last night & anxiously opened her and all I can say is WOW!!! Unfortunately, I'm also working today so I won't be able to post pics until tomorrow, but I'll get them up as soon as I can.

    I looked her all over and everything checks out - I was very surprised by a couple of things: (1) the bag is MUCH lighter than I expected. It's actually lighter than my Topaz Stam (about the same as my PW Slate, maybe just a tad lighter)!! I thought w/the suede lining & brass hardware it would weigh more, but thats not the case. I think it might be because it's Nappa leather & not calf - I dont know what else it could be. (2) the handles are much thinner than the handles on current/more recent Stams. When I first put the bag in my hand, I thought it felt weird & then I figured out why - the double handles are almost half the size (thickness) as my Topaz stam. (3) She's softer & squishier than I ever imagined!! I knew that 1st season stams were softer & slouchier than more recent stams, but I didn't realize just how much! I had really never even seen a 1st season (2005) stam IRL before (other than my Taupe Baby Stam, which I just bought in Dec) -- when they first came out, I couldn't afford MJ bags & wasn't really that interested in the Stam anyhow (thank goodness!!). I think the first time I saw a Stam IRL was around Xmas 2006, and by then they were so different. I absolutely LOVE the leather.

    There are a few "minor" things that bother me (just a little) - For starters, I really think this bag was used more than 2x. There's some rubbing on the bottom right front corner - enough that the lighter Teal color shows thru. I know this COULD have happened at the store, but overall the bag just has that "lived in" look -- it's doesn't looks like a bag that's been used 2x (the suede lining also looks a tad darker along the top edge). And the kisslock is much looser than I expected -- I know there were problems w/these (and my Baby Stam's kisslock is loose) but this one seems looser than it should be after 2 uses - the top is slightly gapped & altho it stays closed, I'm afraid of what will happen when I start loading her up. Does anyone know whether or not there's anything that will fix this and/or tighten it up? The other thing I noticed is that there are a lot of loose stitches. It actually looks like it's stitched differently than my Topaz stam -- the Topaz's stitches are pulled more tightly so they dont gap. There are quite a few stitches that are loose & gapped on the Petrol (I hope this won't be a problem).

    Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the bag and can't wait to use her!!! I'm so excited. The color is so unique -- it actually looks different in every room!! It looks darker in dimmer light - lighter in brighter light. I hope I can capture it's beauty in a picture, but since the flash doesn't work on my "good" camera - I'll have to take pics in natural light (I can try w/my flash camera but it always seems to wash out the color!)

    Thanks again kitcat & lovekoobabags for helping me get this lovely bag!!! :flowers: I'm so glad Io was given another opportunity to purchase it!!! Now I can't wait to use her!!!
  2. omg that is the prettiest stam ever! i demend pics pronto!
  3. Glad you got the bag! Ever since I saw Mary Jane Blige with it in the Celebrity thread I thought it was a bag to have, it's a stunna. Congrats!
  4. here are the pics from the eBay listing to hold you over until I can post my own pics tomorrow --


  5. BTW - she really is as "lop-sided" as she looks in these pics!!! I had to stuff it really tight w/tissue paper in order to straighten her out, and even then she still tends to lean to the right!! Guess it gives her some personality!!:p
  6. it's such a beautiful color! i can't wait to see your pics.
  7. That color is TDF!
  8. wowwww. its gorgeous. im so jealous.
  9. Oh, I can't wait to see your pictures! She is gorgeous!
    I thought maybe she is leaning to the right because the chain is only attached on that side. I'm so glad you are in love!
  10. I can't wait to see pics. I didnt't realize the handles on those Stams were smaller. That is interesting. Also, I am surprised that it is lighter than the Topaz. I am trying to visualize that. I just got my E-bay Topaz and it is much darker than I expected. It's funny how they look so different in photos. Congrats!!
  11. Gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see your pictures and some modeling pics!!!

  12. the color isn't lighter - the bag WEIGHS less than my Topaz stam - that's why I was so surprised. I thought between the suede lining and the braass hardware that the bag would be heavier, but it's actually lighter than my other 2 stams.
  13. Any 1st season Stam owners have any suggestions about the kisslock??

    Is there a way to tighten/fix it??
  14. My fall 07 Stam leans like that too! I love a bag w/ personality! :woohoo:

    Can't wait to see some pics.....
  15. Sooo exciting!! Can't wait for the pics!! :tup: