She's doing well!

  1. "Kylie Minogue is hoping to headline Glastonbury music festival next summer. The pop princess had to pull out of last year's event after being diagnosed with breast cancer, but is determined to be well enough to play there in 2007.

    Event organiser, Michael Eavis, is quoted on Britain's BBC website as saying: "Kylie is coming back hopefully. Her people are quite confident. She really wants to do it."

    He added: "Kylie doesn't fit the Glastonbury festival image with 'Neighbours' and all that razzmatazz, but her shows are so theatrical they are almost like a circus in a way, which really fits in with Glastonbury." Meanwhile, Kylie's recovery is going so well that her hair is beginning to grow back. The beautiful singer lost her locks after having chemotherapy treatment for the disease last year, and often covered her baldness with headscarves.

    But the 37-year-old has now posed for a set of shots - taken by lover Olivier Martinez - showing off her new short, straight hair. The photographs, which have been posted on website, were taken as the star enjoyed a holiday in the Italian fishing village of Portofino."

    She bounced back!

  2. Yay Kylie!!!!!!
  3. She's lovely and brave! Go Kylie!
  4. God bless her!!! I wish her well!!!
  5. Good for her, can't wait to have her back. :biggrin:
  6. I'm so happy for her!
  7. Oh, good for her. I love her
  8. She looks happy and healthy. I'm thrilled for her.
  9. good for her!
  10. I love seeing cancer survivors doing great and she's awesome in short hair!
  11. She's beautiful and breathtaking to me no matter if she is bald or has long flowing locks. Love her!
  12. she looks great
  13. What a beautiful, strong, brave women. I love her to pieces!
  14. She is so beautiful! Thats good to hear, she's such a strong woman.
  15. Aww, that's great! She really is a very strong woman. Good for her.